March 9, 2010

Summer School--Cultural Study of the Law

*Synergies: Law, Language and Culture*
The Second International Osnabrueck Graduate Summer School on the Cultural Study of the Law August 4th-August 18th


The Second International Summer School on the Cultural Study of the Law will be held from this August 4th to August 18th in Osnabrueck, Germany.
Hosted by the Institute of English and American Studies, in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen, the Birkbeck School of Law at the University of London, York University, Toronto, and the European Legal Studies Institute at the University of Osnabrueck, the summer school seeks to bring together graduate students from around the world to promote and examine the interdisciplinary study and research of law and culture.

Graduate students pursuing a PhD in the humanities and advanced students of the law who are interested in the interdependence and interaction between law and culture are invited to apply. During the two week program, students will partake in a unique experience of scholarly collaboration and exchange through workshops, public lectures, panel discussions, excursions and a final symposium. Participating faculty in this year's summer school include:

*Rosemary J. Coombe (York University, Toronto) *Helle Porsdam (University of Copenhagen) *Fiona Macmillan (Birkbeck School of Law, University of London)

with more faculty to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

The School will offer a total of four workshops for 20-25 international graduate students over a two-week period. The first workshop will be concerned with basic theories, concepts and perspectives within the emerging field of cultural legal studies, focusing specifically on the range and potential of interdisciplinary studies and approaches. The remaining three workshops will focus on key areas of critical inquiry that have been central to the dynamic development of the field and are of particular importance within an European context:

-->The relation between human rights and cultural rights

-->Historical development and current debates about culture as heritage,
property and as a resource and its legal definition and regulation (including concepts like copyright, intellectual property and authorship)

-->The cultural presence and representation of the law and the possible
emergence of a transnational legal culture

*Participant Eligibility*

Doctoral candidates in literature, the law, the arts, the humanities, and the related social sciences are invited to apply, as are advanced students pursuing a J.D. or its equivalent (such as the L.L.B). Young scholars or junior faculty members who have received a Ph.D. or corresponding degree in the last five years are also eligible. There are openings for approximately 25 students to participate in the summer school.

*Application Process*

Applicants should complete:

-->An application form, indicating preferred workshop that can be found
-->A statement of purpose no more than two pages long, describing
scholarly interests, previous research, and plans for how the Summer School would specifically further these interests and plans.

-->An up-to-date curriculum vitae.

Students interested in taking part in the Summer School should submit their applications no later than April 30, 2010. Detailed information about the school, the workshops, international faculty, admission and fees can be found at:


Questions about the Osnabrueck Summer School on the Cultural Study of the Law may be directed to any of the Summer School Coordinators:

*Devin Zuber, Coordinator for the Humanities, Faculty Contact and Institutional Cooperation

*Matt Lemieux, Coordinator for Legal Studies

*Nadja Hekal, Assistant Coordinator

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